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Connecting College & University Students with Employers
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Browse & Post Jobs
As a student, glide over job posts, show interest in one that you like and connect with employers. As an employer, create precise job posts to find the student that fulfills your requirements.
6 Categories
Are you a student looking for an internship at the bank, or an employer considering hiring a student with excellent photography skills to cover a birthday? Your choice. Your category.
Easy to Use Filter
Our easy to use filter helps narrow down your search to your exact preference. Peruse job postings until you find the perfect job to meet the demand you fae as a hard working student.
Instant Messaging
Secure real-time messaging allows you to communicate with either students or employers. Get instant updates when a student shows interest in your particular job post.
An eye catching profile will help you stand out, whether as the student looking for work, or an employer looking for some help.
Glydr helps students to gain experience and make money. But it goes further. They can also hire other students by creating an employer profile from within their account.
Intuitive design allows for quick job post creation. Give as little or as much information as necessary to be sure the perfect fit finds the opportunity to work with you.
Showcase your talent by acquiring positive reviews. Similarly, alert the community by being honest in your reviews of others.
What people are saying
Glydr is well laid out and easy to navigate. I like that I was able to use my Facebook account to setup my profile. This made for a quick and easy setup.
Dan Butler
San Antonio, Texas
Finding the right talent is made simpler with Glydr. There are a lot of entry level positions that need to be filled by students who are enthusiastic about starting their career. The Glydr App makes this process easy for both students and employers looking to connect.
Sterling Wahl
Phoenix, Arizona
Very clean app. Super attractive and user friendly. I also love that I can toggle between being an employer or an employee, for when my employment needs change. I love how intuitive the app is and how easy it makes it for me to network and increase my opportunities!
Zachary Zimmerman
Houston, Texas